Sep 18, 2018

The Stylin' Duo Presents Marvelous Room Makeovers

Tuesday, Sept 18, at noon at Lunch at First (Presbyterian Church, Meadville), Marie and Ross Feltz of Decorating Den Interiors will talk about design styles and trends, and show some of the fabulous room designs in the new book Love Your Home: Marvelous Makeovers from Decorating Den Interiors.  Bring a place setting and a dish to share. For more information, call 814-336-3000

Mar 30, 2018

Welcome Spring into Your Home


Spring is upon us, and beyond all of the time you'll spend outside, giving this lovely season the proper entrance into your living space is a must. As the temperature continues rising, you'll be more than delighted to welcome spring into your house with open arms. Here are a few simple ways to make that happen:
Take care of the spring cleaning
If you haven’t already taken care of this task, now’s the perfect time to put in some elbow grease and spring clean your home. Beyond general sanitizing, mopping, vacuuming and cleansing, take this opportunity to purge and reorganize. Get rid of all of the loose papers stacked up in the home office, donate the clothes that haven’t left your closet in a year and encourage your children to go through their belongings and get organized. This is a great time to consider investing in new shelving or a custom storage unit if you need help keeping things in place.
Bring the outdoors inside
The flowers are blossoming and the grass is getting greener outside, so why not bring that same liveliness indoors? Invest in new potted plants, flowers and indoor trees and spread them throughout your house. Indoor greenery is beneficial for the mind, body and soul, and it’s a great decor touch that can complete the style and atmosphere of your space!
Embrace bright colors
Winter was all about warmth, making rooms more cozy with deep, dark hues. Now’s the time to embrace change and bring brighter colors into your home. Pastel shades, such as millennial pink, lavender and robin’s egg blue are perfect for the season. You can spread them throughout your home in the form of tabletop accessories and accent decor.
Use lighter bedding
Gone are the days of getting in bed with a shiver thanks to the bitter temperatures of winter. This season, you won’t need the wool socks, heavy blankets and flannel sheets. Instead, take advantage of lighter bedding. Not only will it make your sleep more comfortable, but a new set of sheets, complemented by throw blankets and an upgraded comforter, is the perfect way to liven up the mood in your bedroom.
Let the natural light shine in
The days are getting longer; the springtime sun rises before you wake up and goes down long after dinner time. Take advantage of this natural lighting throughout your home by investing in sheers. This style of window treatment offers enough privacy without taking away from the natural beauty of the outdoors. Plus, it can help you save on electricity because you won’t have to turn on the lights until much later in the evening. Stylish, functional and efficient – what more could you ask for?
No matter how you decide to transform your home for spring, you might need a little help along the way. That’s when we come in handy. We will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your space and ideas and provide suggestions based on your conversation. We can ensure your spring decor ideas come to life.
We are devoted to creating both beautiful and functional spaces, by guiding our clients through an easy and convenient design process. Whether it's a full room makeover or a few simple items to complete your vision, we have the resources an expertise to make your dream home a reality.


Nov 29, 2017


I love talking about interior decorating. Last month’s International Home Furnishings Market at High Point NC showed lots of new and more decorative and functional home fashions to make one’s home fit personal lifestyles while also being fashionable and stylish.  While today’s home is increasingly playing more roles for the homeowner, home furnishings suppliers are designing a wider range of products that meet those needs. I have a fun and informative program that I’d be happy to share with any group needing a meeting program, or just a good excuse to get a group of friends together. For more information, contact me at 814-336-3000 or 

Dec 12, 2016


We're offering a complimentary home furnishings market trends programs to organizations seeking fun, informative and visual presentations for meetings. We can share home decorating ideas based on what we saw at this fall’s international home furnishings market at High Point, N.C. The program includes photos and can be tailored to various time frames. The newest designs in home furnishings are presented at High Point,These are the largest gatherings of interior designers and home furnishings suppliers and retailers in the world. It’s where we see what new directions in color and interior design are on the horizon.This market featured a cavalcade of color, the use of metallic and acryilics, and the influence of nature and island living, among other things.I can promise lots of oohs and aahs with this program. For more information contact 814-336-3000 or

Dec 06, 2016


Video decorating tips are available at

Each video is about 1-minute. Topics include: 

  • Finishing touches: accessories that make the difference
  • Tips for organizing your garage
  • How to take advantage of a sunny room
  • Take your daughter’s room from tween to ten (2 parts)
  • How to turn your kitchen into an entertainment center
  • Patterns to make your bathroom pop
  • How to maximize space using chests
  • Colors and designs to work into your patio
  • Decorating your nursery (2 parts)
  • Spring bedroom (2 parts)
  • Window treatments for spring (2 parts)
  • Revamp your space for spring (2 parts)
  • Modern updates for your bathroom (2 parts)
  • Make your room look bigger (2 parts)
  • Interior design trends 2016 (2 parts)
  • Drapery mistakes (2 parts)
  • Common decorating mistakes (2 parts)

Jul 17, 2016


I have two new informative and fun presentations with visuals available for women’s oranizations, neighborhood groups and others looking for a complimentary meeting program. They can be adapted to fit most meeting time schedules.

One presentation features award-winning room makeovers with before and after photos, along with the stories behind each and the reasons for selecting the furnishings. The program was developed by our vice president of design, Carol Bugg, the author of five books on interior decorating. These are rooms for real people with real budgets.

I will show examples of aspects of decorating such as the importance of maintaining a color flow with the adjacent rooms, multi-purpose rooms, how to incorporate favorite old pieces with new, remaking rooms for Boomers, converting neglected spaces into intimate retreats, and how the availability of a greater variety of fashionable, low maintenance fabrics and furniture have made it easier to enjoy outdoor living.

I am especially pleased that Carol has included a Western Chic game room that we designed for a local client. It was featured on Erie News Now TV, the Erie Times News, the Meadville Tribune, and Crawford Voice.

The second presentation is based on trends and new products seen at the most recent international home furnishings market at High Point, N.C., the largest gathering of interior designers, home furnishings suppliers and retailers in the world.

I will show examples of the emerging trend toward light and bright--light wood combined with a pop of color and how the use of metals on furniture and accessories continues as a stunning design element. Another important market direction I’ll discuss is “Naturally Inspired” designs.  Nature’s designs can best be described as Wabi-Sabi which is the Japanese tradition of looking at the beauty of something through its imperfections. The trend toward decorating that reflects island or coastal living also is part of being inspired by nature.  I also have visuals that show that the desire to flashback to mod silhouettes and styles of the mid-century is still going strong. And, I have lots of other trend news.

For more information, call me at 814-336-3000 or email me at

Jun 17, 2016


A transition from an out-of-date dining room into western-chic game room for nearby horse lovers won two awards in an international design competition. The room was designed by Sabrina Fischer, decorator, and Marie Feltz, owner of Decorating Den Interiors of Meadville.

Their client was Cyndi Carter, who with her husband owns a country farm house in Wattsburg.

The room makeover won a first place People’s Choice award in the miscellaneous category in an online judging in which many votes came from the northwestern Pennsylvania area. It also won second place in that category in a separate judging that was done by interior design journalists from throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The awards were announced at Decorating Den Interiors’ international conference and supplier market held recently in San Antonio, Texas.

Important sources of inspiration were a game table that is a long-time favorite of the clients and wood from their 100-year-old dairy barn, which was used for an accent wall. An added benefit is that the wall made the perfect home for shelves, also made from that barn wood, to display Carter’s horse reining trophies.

 A suede, kind of western-wear, kind of horse’s-hide look was created on another wall by local mural painter and faux artist Tracey Bergen.

Solid hard wood Schafer chairs show the upholstered tacks, which complement the barn wood, while Parsons chairs add comfort for playing at the family game table. An industrial style side table adds a contemporary touch.

To coordinate the woodwork, the doors and frames were painted the lightest color on the universal khaki palette and the baseboards were replaced to match the window frames and front door.

he new flooring is a durable laminate wood to accommodate heavy traffic going to and from the barn to take care of their horses and from their large dog General.  It’s accented with an area rug.

The window treatments are modest to enable the other features to stand out.

The room was featured in the Erie Times News House to Home section, which you can read at  




Dec 02, 2014


Design professional Marie Feltz, having toured the fall High Point, N.C. home furnishings market, is offering market trends programs to organizations seeking fun, informative and visual presentations for meetings.


Feltz, owner of the Decorating Den Interiors franchise in your town, is offering these complimentary presentations to share home decorating ideas based on what she saw at this most recent market. Her program includes photos and can be tailored to various time frames.


“Each fall and spring, the newest designs in home furnishings are presented at High Point,” Feltz said. “These are the largest gatherings of interior designers and home furnishings suppliers and retailers in the world. It’s where we see what new directions in color and interior design are on the horizon.”


“Every design style imaginable is represented in the market—and then some,” Feltz explains. “We explore down aisle after aisle and showroom after showroom of large and small manufacturers alike taking in all that the market has to offer to determine design directions to share in my program. On our journey, we experience design styles ranging from classic luxurious traditional to updated traditional, from modern styles to ultra-contemporary and everything in between.”


For more information on her program, contact 336-3000 or email .

Dec 02, 2014

Decorating Articles Published

I have been privileged to have numerous articles published in the Erie TimesNews' House to Home section, the Lake Erie Lifestyle magazine, Go Crawford, and the Meadville Tribune. You can see the collection and read the individual articles by clicking the Decorating Articles Published headline above.